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The Plus Importance Project aims to create a world where those who identify fully or partly in the + of LGBT+ experience equal rights, respect and representation.

As people in the +, we frequently experience erasure, where we are ignored, forgotten about and disregarded. Our identities are valid and should be recognised, understood and celebrated.

The Problem

The erasure of + identities results in a number of issues including:

Lack of legal rights

+ identities are not included in the Equality Act 2010. This means we don’t have protection from discrimination and organisations have no legal obligations to prevent indirect discrimination impacting us.

Gatekeeping of LGBT+ spaces

LGBT+ spaces should be inclusive of everyone but those in the + can often feel unwelcome, misunderstood and ignored. This lack of community can make some people in the + feel isolated and alone.

Problematic terminology

Those in the + often encounter forms and surveys where their identity isn’t listed, organisational equality policies that don’t include those in the + and widespread use of archaic terms such as ‘he/she’.

Lack of knowledge and awareness

A lack of + inclusive resources means that many people in the + don’t find the terminology they need when they first realise they are part of the LGBT+ community. Similarly, those in the + are often burdened with the expectation of explaining their identity and needing to argue the validity of their identity.

Lack of representation

Those in the + rarely, if ever, see their identities reflected in everything from politics to fictional characters. Even in rare cases of representation, there can often be problematic stereotypes.

Collectively, the above creates an exhausting and unwelcoming environment where people in the + are frustrated by the lack of acceptance and understanding, are prompted to doubt the validity of their own identity and are less confident about being their authentic selves which impacts their wellbeing. We should all be truly proud of who we are.

What We Do

The Plus Importance Project works with all organisations, from large businesses to specialist LGBT+ support services, to support and encourage them to be more + inclusive.

We reach out to organisations to provide guidance on practical improvements and have plans to soon launch resources, training sessions, a review service for governance documents/policies, and an accreditation scheme to encourage organisations to aspire to be more + inclusive and to recognise those that do so.

Our current geographical focus is Bristol. As the Plus Importance Project grows, we aim to work with organisations in all areas of the UK, and eventually internationally.

History of identities in the + title image with images in the background of those in the plus.

Check out our history resource!

Discover the key historical moments of identities in the + of LGBT+.

I struggled with my sexuality for so many years because the only terms I knew didn’t fit. I should have been relieved, but I was frustrated that I had unnecessarily spent so many years worrying that something was wrong with me.

Matt’s Story

Our founder, Matt Humberstone (he/him) is a multi-award winning volunteer with over 10 years of experience in organisational development and improving equality.

It wasn’t until my last year of university that I found the terminology to describe my identity. As an asexual homosensual panromantic, I struggled with my sexuality for so many years because the only terms I knew didn’t fit. I should have been relieved, but I was frustrated that I had unnecessarily spent so many years worrying that something was wrong with me.

I’ve experienced discrimination both within and outside of the LGBT+ community, including threats of violence, such as corrective rape. The constant erasure of + identities has created a culture where my experiences are common and the continuation of this erasure is incredibly exhausting. Every day, I see cases where the + isn’t included and where those in the + are made to feel unwelcome or experience invalidation.

To tackle this issue, I’ve successfully lobbied national organisations to be more + inclusive including Stonewall, The National Union of Students and The Scout Association. The establishment of the Plus Importance Project aims to professionalise this approach, reaching more organisations and having a more thorough impact so that everyone in the + can feel seen and valued.

Volunteer with us

We particularly aim to recruit people with a wide range of + identities to ensure our work is as inclusive as possible.

Treasurer – Keeping track of the charity’s finances and ensuring our activities are financially sustainable

Deadline: 9am Friday 7th June

Trustee – Overseeing the management and administration of the charity and contributing to our strategic direction

Deadline: 9am Friday 7th June

Marketing Lead – Overseeing and supporting the charity’s social media, website and newsletter

Deadline: 9am Friday 7th June

Volunteer Coordinator – Supporting the development of our approach to volunteering and recruiting, inducting and supporting volunteers

Deadline: 9am Friday 7th June

Lived Experience Volunteer – Sharing your personal experience and helping to inform our best practice guidance and resources

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General Volunteer – Supporting the charity with occasional ad-hoc tasks and projects

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